Coming Summer 2016 is our Red Chile Sauce (Our founders favorite). We are presently awaiting shelf stability analysis and final FDA approval. We anticipate completion of these steps late summer 2016.

Our Red Chile sauce uses dry chiles, and is a "smooth sauce". They are sourced from their native home in the great southwest; New Mexico. Our chiles, like all our produce are hand washed. Prepared ingredients are immediately "hot-packed" ensuring all the flavors are captured in every jar. 

We are very excited to share this special recipe, the foundation of many Mexican dishes.

​red chile

hot green chile

Hollister Tamales is proud to offer our first Gourmet Sauce.

Our tomatillos, onions, serrano peppers, and cilantro are farm fresh for every batch. Our produce is hand washed and individually inspected, ensuring the finest ingredients in every jar. 

Our ingredients are prepared and immediately "hot-packed" to ensure fresh flavor and your distinctive "Gourmet Moment" .



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