Roast Pork or Chicken
Pork Roast or Whole Chicken (Roaster)
1 Jar Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce
Salt & Pepper

Pre-heat oven to 250 deg.
Sprinkle roast with salt and pepper on both sides.
Pan sear roast on medium-high heat until browned on both sides. (Omit if roasting Chicken).
Place roast in roasting pan and pour 1 jar of Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce over roast.
Cover, place in oven and cook 6-8 hours.

Alternatively, roast can be cooked in a crock-pot on low heat for 8-10 hours.

Quick Green Enchiladas:
1 jar Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce
Cooked Chicken, Seafood or Both
Farmers cheese / White cheese, shredded
Corn Tortillas, warmed

Pre-heat oven to 325 deg. (f)
Spread Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce in the bottom of a shallow baking pan (approx. 3 Tblsp).
Place one tortilla on a plate and spoon on some Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce.
Form a row of meat across the tortilla and sprinkle with cheese.
Roll up the enchilada and place in the baking pan.
Repeat until pan is full and Spoon on plenty of Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce (cover each enchilada, but keep a little for garnish).
Sprinkle with cheese and place the pan of enchiladas in the oven.
Bake for 20-25 minutes and remove from oven. Allow to cool for 5 minutes and Enjoy!

Easy Salsa Verde:
1 jar Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce
.5 Spanish or Yellow Onion, Chopped
5-10 Serrano Chile Peppers, chopped (can substitute half as many  Jalapeño Chiles)

Pour Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce in a medium size bowl.
Add chopped Onion and Chile Peppers, and stir.Serve with Chips, use as a relish/garnish, or any way you use your salsa. Enjoy!

Chile Verde #1 – “Puerco Entomatado”

1 16 oz. jar Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce
1-1.25 lbs Pork loin or butt, cut into chunks or "pulled"
1.5 Tbsp vegetable oil
.5 cup water
1 Bay Leaf
4-6 Serrano Chile Peppers (see “Note”, below)
.5 Spanish or Yellow Onion, chopped
3 cloves Garlic, unpeeled
Salt and pepper to taste
Heat oil over medium-high heat in a large pot. Season pork chunks with salt and pepper and add to pot. Add Bay Leaf to pot. Cook the pork, stirring frequently to brown the meat on all sides (8 – 10 minutes).
Add the water, cover and reduce heat to simmer for 20 minutes.
While the meat is simmering, roast Serrano chiles and garlic cloves either in the broiler on a foil lined pan, or on an ungreased pan over medium heat (toss to roast evenly). Either method will take approximately 10 minutes for the chiles and approximately 5 minutes for the garlic. Place the chiles and garlic cloves in a bowl and cover with foil to cool for about 5 minutes. Peel garlic cloves and place in a blender or food processer with the Serrano chiles. Puree to a slightly chunky mixture.
Pour the jar of Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce into the pot. Add the chile/garlic “puree”.
Bring the pot to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 45 minutes.
Note about Chile Peppers:
Use gloves when handling chile peppers. The oils WILL cause fingers to burn. Do not touch your face or other exposed skin when handling chile peppers.The traditional recipe calls for Serrano chiles. However, different chiles are used in different regions of Mexico. Accordingly, your choice of chile pepper can vary according to taste and availability. Additionally, the heat can be adjusted to personal taste by increasing or decreasing the number of chiles used, and/or through the inclusion or deletion of the seeds (we recommend keeping the seeds as they add that “authentic” flavor). Common substitutions are Jalapeño, Poblano, and Anaheim chiles.

Mexican Inspired Pizza!:
1 jar Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce
Your favorite pre-made pizza crust (or make your own)
Cooked, shredded chicken or pork
Bag of Mexican Blend cheese (or your favorite pizza cheese)
Sliced Jalepeno peppers

Pre-Heat oven to 425 deg.
Spread Pizza crust/dough with plenty of Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce.
Cover with shredded cheese.
Add shredded chicken/pork.
Add sliced Jalapeno peppers.Cook on pizza pan in pre-heated 425 deg. oven for 6-8 minutes or cheese is nice and bubbly.

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Mexicali Pasta:


Angel Hair Pasta cooked al dente

Olive Oil

Pinch of Salt


Heat Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce in small sauce pan over med-low heat (do not let boil).

​Place cooked pasta on dish. Sprinkle with Olive Oil and salt.

Pour on the Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce.


Easy Seafood Burrito:


Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce
Favorite cooked fish, shellfish, or combination
Favorite Fresh vegetable, shredded (lettuce, cabbage, kale, carrot, etc.)
Farmers cheese/ White cheese, shredded
Large flour tortillas

Place tortilla on plate.
Add cooked seafood.
Add shredded vegetable.
Cover with heated Hollister Tamales Tomatillo Sauce.
Sprinkle with shredded cheese.
Roll up your burrito and Enjoy! (Note: Excellent when made as a cold burrito too!)

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